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Created on 2009-04-15 03:24:49 (#63713), last updated 2010-12-20 (352 weeks ago)

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Name:Non_McSmooch: For your *other* SGA kissing needs
Posting Access:All Members
1. You may pair up anyone you wish, except for John and Rodney (unless they're part of an OT4) -- any and all McShep kisses go to [community profile] mcsmooch

2. Festivals of Kissing will occur periodically and will usually coincide with those over at [community profile] mcsmooch - the mods will post the start and end date, and you'll be free to post as many times as you like within that time. Please don't post kisses here at other times!

3. Please put pairing info for posted kisses, either in the SUBJECT LINE or as part of your FIC HEADER.

4. One kiss per entry, please! (In the past, folks with slower connections have been unable to load the kissing festivals when the number of comments topped 1000)

5. Please put all kisses over 150 words (including header information), picspams, icons and art behind a cut.

6. Clearly indicate if your kiss involves spoilers and put that kiss behind a cut.

7. Picspam, art, and doodles encouraged!

8. Use your common sense about warnings etc.

The Love

Encourage the kissing! Leave comments of encouragement for all the kiss writers and illustrators! Have fun!

The Mod

Please email me at gblvr169[at]gmail[dot]com if you have questions or concerns.

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